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For used R&D machines, such as laboratory and pilot equipment, Plastima Used Machinery is the right place for you! We can also assist you with all your service and maintenance-related questions for your current R&D equipment. You can also contact us for maintenance on your used R&D machine. In addition, we are available for service & maintenance questions.

With more than 50 years of research and development experience, we stock several renowned brands such as Dr.Boy, Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions, Brabender and Zwick & Roell in stock.

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In the rapidly evolving plastics industry, research and development (R&D) plays a crucial role. R&D drives innovations that lead to new, improved plastic products and processes, as well as alternative raw materials. This research leads to the development of advanced materials with improved properties, such as increased strength, durability and environmental friendliness.

An important aspect of R&D in the plastics industry is the focus on sustainability. Given growing concerns about environmental impact, researchers are focusing on developing biodegradable and recyclable plastics. This not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also opens up new markets and applications for plastic products.

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Used R&D machines

Used plastic R&D (research and development) machines are specialized devices designed for developing and testing new plastic materials, recycling methods or plastic processing techniques, often resembling smaller versions of industrial plastic processing equipment, but with additional features for experimentation and analysis. These machines usually include a small-scale extruder, which is crucial for testing different plastic compositions and extrusion parameters, and can be modified to simulate different industrial conditions.

In addition, an injection molding unit is often present to study how different plastics behave in injection molding processes, an essential aspect for developing new plastic materials or additives. For experiments with hollow plastic parts, there is a blowing module to assess material behavior under blowing conditions.

Some R&D machines also have a thermoforming section to test how plastics react when heated and formed into different shapes. To make new plastic mixtures or additives, mixing and compounding equipment is provided, which allows precise control of the mixture.

A pelletizer is used, similar to industrial machines, to make small plastic pellets that are easier to handle and measure in various experiments. It is often equipped with analytical instruments such as spectrometers and rheometers to analyze the properties of plastics, such as composition, viscosity and thermal properties.

Advanced control and data collection systems are critical components, used to accurately manage machine parameters and collect experimental data for analysis. Precise temperature control is vital in plastics processing, so these machines often have sophisticated cooling and heating systems.

Because of the experimental nature of the work, these machines usually include enhanced safety features to protect researchers while working. Together, these components enable researchers to conduct experiments on new types of plastics, recycling methods and processing techniques in a controlled and accurate manner, contributing significantly to advances in plastics technology.