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Plastima Used Machinery is a trusted partner when it comes to injection moulding. We have a nice selection of used injection moulding machines in stock for the plastic industry. You can also contact us for maintenance on your used injection moulding machine. In addition, we are available for service & maintenance questions!

Plastima Used Machinery is the partner when it comes to used injection moulding machines. We always have renowned brands such as Milacron Ferromatik, Dr. Boy, KraussMaffei, ENGEL and Arburg in stock. In addition, we are always available for service & maintenance questions.

een afbeelding van een Ferromatik eQ-150


een afbeelding van een Ferromatik eQ-150


A used injection moulding machine is often chosen in the plastics industry. At Plastima Used Machinery, we always have a used injection moulding machine in stock. These plastic injection moulding machines range from used small table model injection moulding machines to largely used production injection moulding machines. A used injection molding machine can give your many financial benefits: you won’t pay the new price but you will be using the best technology.

In short, with injection moulding, plastic supplied as granules or powder is melted into a mass and injected under high pressure into a mould whose cavity is the shape of the desired product. Cooling solidifies the plastic and produces the desired product. Injection molding is one of the most widely used forming techniques for plastic parts.

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