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Plastima Used Machinery is the partner when it comes to downstream equipment. We stock a diverse range of used machines for the plastics industry. You can also come to us for maintenance on your used downstream equipment. In addition, we are available for service & maintenance questions!

At Plastima Used Machinery, we always have used plastics machines in stock from renowned brands in the plastics industry such as SICA, iNOEX, IDE, Sandern, ITIB, Nordson BKG and many more!

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In the plastics industry, downstream equipment plays a crucial and indispensable role in ensuring efficiency, quality and versatility in production processes. This advanced equipment includes a wide range of machines and systems deployed after the primary plastics processing process. Key examples include slicers, cooling belts and palletizers. This equipment is essential for optimizing production processes, improving product quality and increasing production capacity.

The plastics industry is a sector characterized by rapid innovations and technological advances. In this dynamic context, downstream equipment plays a key role. It enables companies to respond flexibly and efficiently to changing market needs and product requirements. For example, cutting machines in the downstream line are designed for precise and efficient cutting processes. This is crucial for producing products with accurate dimensions and a high-quality finish, helping to reduce waste and increase product quality.

Another important element in the downstream process are cooling belts. These systems are indispensable for fast and effective cooling of plastic products. Maintaining their shape, structure and quality depends on an efficient cooling process. Not only does this contribute to the quality of the final product, but it also increases the throughput of production, leading to higher productivity and lower operating costs.

Palletizers in the downstream production line are also essential. They automate the process of stacking and packaging finished products, leading to increased efficiency, reduced labor costs and a reduction in the risk of product damage. Such automated systems enable plastics processing companies to significantly improve their operational efficiency.

In summary, the role of downstream equipment in the plastics industry is vital. This equipment not only increases the efficiency and quality of production processes, but also makes companies more flexible and responsive in an ever-changing market. By investing in high-quality downstream equipment, companies in the plastics industry can strengthen their competitive position, lower their production costs and diversify their product offerings. This ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction and business growth.